The owners and creators of Porsche have designed cars that simply ooze luxury. There is a car to suit everybody, including those who love the thrill behind the wheel, or even those who wish to have a little more room to fit an entire family in. Click here for pre-owned cars.

If you are one who wishes to experience the life of a Porsche owner, you can, but without the hefty price tag of buying a Porsche. Instead, you can hire one of your choice and for a period of time that is agreed.

Hire Porsche’s latest design changes

The Porsche Panamera S has changed the way Porsche designs their cars. Normally it’s a two door luxury sports car; however the Panamera S has five doors and can fit four passengers inside, still created with utter beauty in mind.

City Inter-Rent can offer you the experience to enjoy the pure beauty of the Panamera – choose between one day, multiple days or even a week and hire for only £275 per day – experience one of the most luxurious cars for an affordable price. Find out more.

It balances efficiency, power and style as it has a intriguing tail and nose, whilst being powerful enough to get the adrenaline going as soon as you’re behind the wheel.

A car suitable for the entire family

If you’re going on a family trip away to see the sights on London or various other places in the UK, then the Porsche Cayenne 3.6 has enough room for everybody. The sophistication from the interior and exterior means you can travel in style and make all of those that you whisk by jealous of your car. See: Cayenne Reviews.

Features of the Cayenne:

  • Can reach 62 miles per hour in 5.2 seconds
  • Can go up to 163 miles per hour
  • Four wheel drive & automatic transmission
  • Can fit up to five people inside

Porsche 911 Targa 4S

Porsche have a knack of creating cars that people dream of having, or even having a moment behind the wheel. This car was built on designing a car with amazing performance, and so it has – it has the ability of reaching 0-60 miles per hour in just four seconds! Quality and performance has been shown throughout history with Porsche’s cars. Contact us today.