While many people think of a garage as a place for storage or to park their Porsche at night, there are many unique and interesting conversions that can be done to your garage to make it more than just a place for all of your dusty junk.

Some people find re-purposing their garage to be a fun and more useful experience than simply parking their cars, and you don’t have to transform your whole garage into a new conversion. If you have only one car, why not make use of the extra space and create something new and useful.

Conversion Ideas

There are many different ideas out there as to what you can do with your home garage to convert it into something new and fun.

Some of the best garage conversions include man caves, bars, home offices, game rooms, and movie theatres. Others are even more unique including activity centres complete with BMX and skateboard ramps.

No matter what strikes your fancy, there are always other ways you can use your garage to get the most out of the space that is offered and most people would prefer to make the space useful rather than simply let it fill with old junk.

The Man Cave!

Planning a night with the guys has never been easier when you covert your garage into a man cave, complete with a sofa, bar, fridge, and flat screen TV.

You may even want to consider adding in some gaming counsels, pool table or poker table to complete the space into a place to hang with the guys outside of the house.

You may not even need the entire garage for this kind of project either, simply put up some drywall to separate the bays in a two car garage and VOILA!

Home Office

Everyone needs a quiet space to work, and what is better than the garage that may or may not get used too frequently or at all. See roof lights for home offices.

There are some people who never even use the full space in their garage and it is fairly easy to build a couple of walls to add some privacy. See building a home office.

All you need is a desk, computer, chairs, and anything else you would like to add to ensure you have all the comforts that you need in your quiet new space. See lighting for the office.

Not only will this provide you with a space to work undisturbed, but can give you more freedom to work when you need to without driving to the office.

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