For performance cars such as Porsche models, many people who are car enthusiasts will purchase these cars as projects to see if they can improve it in terms of aesthetic appearance or performance.

If you are currently working with a project car that you are trying to improve the performance of, one of the first steps that many people will take is decreasing the weight of the vehicle as this will work with a combination of factors which will result in the vehicle being able to reach higher speeds.

Each vehicle will have different contributions to what makes the car heavy, many cars will have a high contribution from the body of the car as it will be made of steel or another metal.

With recent developments in the industry of improving vehicle performance a popular choice of material that is being used to create the body of cars is fibreglass. This is a lightweight materials that can be moulded into any shape allowing the car modifier to have no restrictions in the way that they wish their vehicle to appear.